Top Trends 2016: Analytics

Insights / 01.25.2016

A new year means new opportunities and advancements in the world of digital marketing. And while innovation is a constant for the industry as whole, it can be argued that its impact is felt greatest in the data and analytics space. As 2016 starts its engine, our Director of Digital Analytics and Optimization, Andy Batten sits down to share what trends he sees on the horizon this year:

  • Context-Based Analytics: more data will be pooled from other platforms, enabling you to see exactly where you are within your respective industry. 
  • Automated Insights: as analytics platforms continue to evolve, we’ll see more automated information provided including trend diagnosis and in-depth analysis.
  • Hyper-Content Targeting: platforms will be able to better identify target users based on behaviors, self-selections, etc.  

For a more in-depth breakdown of how these trends will influence data and analytics in 2016, Andy offers some further analysis in the following video: 

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