Our Story

Fiercely independent. And staying that way.

We aren’t beholden to shareholders or a holding company. We are big enough to provide the specialized services needed in today’s complex marketing landscape. This gives us the freedom to focus more on our clients, our people, and doing good work.

Where We Started

We started in 2002 in Downtown San Diego, California. Through various industry connection (and some pro-bono work), we landed a handful of early projects, allowing us to quickly expand beyond our team of four. In 2004, we acquired Avencom to balance our creative capabilities with their technical abilites, growing Red Door Interactive to 20 people.


  • Founded in 2002

  • Downtown San Diego

Where We Are Now

Red Door Interactive is now a full-service marketing agency, with resources all over the globe. We pride ourselves in being data-driven in everything we do, and have been nationally recognized over the years for both our work and our awesome workplaces.


  • Two offices, with worldwide remote locations

  • Over 90 employees (and counting)

  • Best Places to Work winner 14 years in a row

  • Privately held, independently owned

Where We Are Headed

We want to remain independent from holding companies, so that we can maintain an approach that is more objective, more transparent, and more agile. We want to continue to grow by adding entrepreneurial people with a passion for what we do.

We expect to expand geographically beyond San Diego and Denver, and already have people working in Tucson, New Orleans, Tijuana, and Manila.

We always evaluate new technology and monitor consumer trends so that we can stay ahead of the innovation curve and find ways to evolve. Advances in areas like AI, Voice Search, Mobile, Cloud, and Social, along with generational differences, are changing consumer behavior, making the customer journey -and marketers jobs-more and more complex. Navigating this new landscape not only requires a transformative approach that blends technology and talent, but also a balance between long-term priorities and short-term necessities. If you want help sorting it all out, join us in our journey!

Our Core Values

These supports our culture, define who we are, and guide how we interact with one another.


We approach every moment of every project with passion, pride, and purpose to inspire and encourage each other to take chances.


When you have an idea, point of view, or philosophy, or even a special talent, skill, or expertise, put it out there and share it! We believe in teamwork and elevating each other to achieve our best.


Change—we love it. We embrace it. We thrive in it. In order to grow and create, we foster flexibility, open-mindedness, forward-thinking concepts, and taking creative and strategic risks.


Reaching a goal is just the beginning. We always take it a step further, looking for ways to improve, to better our best, to surprise even ourselves. Then we celebrate our success and start over again.

100% Jerk Free

A culture of open-minded acceptance and respect, 100 percent of the time.

Agency Culture

Here's what it's like to work at a fiercely independent advertising and marketing agency. From creative to client services, we come together to create and optimize better.

Agency Culture

"Our continued growth and success as an agency are a true testament to our people and our core values. They support our culture, define who we are, how we interact, and together, are what truly separates us from other agencies and companies."

Reid Carr, CEO

Executive Team

Reid Carr

CEO & Executive Creative Director

Founded Red Door Interactive in 2002

Amy Carr

Executive Vice President

Founded Red Door Interactive in 2002

John Faris


Joined Us in 2006

Erika Werner

Chief Growth Officer

Joined Us in 2004

Stephanie Ranson

Vice President, Client Services

Joined Us in 2010

Department Heads

Allie Franklin

Director, Client Strategy

Joined us in 2015

Brian Van Voorst

Director, Paid Media

Joined us in 2021

Brittany Ward

Director, Program Management

Joined us in 2021

Candice Wyatt

Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions

Joined Us in 2013

Crosby Noricks

Director, Organic Growth

Joined us in 2008 & 2021

Mallory Collins

Director, Client Strategy

Joined us in 2014

Ron Hadler

VP, Data & Innovation

Joined Us in 2008

Tyler Hustwick

Director, Marketing

Joined us in 2017

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