Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

Site Design

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants offers a dining experience where you can enjoy the freshest ingredients and a pick-and-choose meal of your own creation. Following that example, Red Door concepted, designed and built a brand new site from the ground up, This means the new Souplantation.com gave visitors a reason to come back for seconds! 


  • American Advertising Awards - Local Bronze and District Silver, 2011
  • AMY - Best Makeover Campaign, 2010
  • WebAward - Restaurant Standard of Excellence, 2010

Project Results

The new website delivered a 220% increase in returning visitors, a 17% increase in visits and  20% increase in Gift Card Sales. An April “Pucker Up” contest saw a 400 percent increase in Facebook fans. Our fundraising apps garnered over 200 fundraisers booked within the first month of launch, providing over 100% ROI in less than thirty days, and overall, 70,000 new members subscribed on Souplantation.com resulting in more than 1.3 Million members to date.