Shea Homes

Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Site Design, Social Media, Paid Media

Shea Homes had a great reputation as homebuilders, but, in their industry, new homes were being marketed as a commodity. We saw an opportunity to recognize the emotions that go along with looking for and buying your first home. The “One Day is Now” campaign positioned Shea as homebuilders who understand how consumers feel. Plus, in the shaky economy at the time, many consumers had given up on the idea of homeownership.  “One Day” narrated a series of dream scenarios in which potential homeowners talked about what they thought their home would mean to them and followed up with messaging explaining that, with Shea Homes’ help, “One Day” would be today. The campaign spanned web, email, print, display and social media and resulted in tremendous results for Shea Homes. Read full case study here.

Project Results

Site visits Increased 29%, bounce rate decreased 1.3%, Interest List Conversions were up by 134% and the number of site visitors looking for driving directions was up 32%.