Rubio's Restaurants

Email Marketing, Social Media

To celebrate the return of one of Rubio’s signature menu items, Red Door Interactive developed Rubio’s Chase the Taste: The Return of The Original Fish Taco®, where players search for hidden items amidst an illustrated scene. Rubio’s was very pleased with the results.


  • American Advertising Awards - Online Advertising- Silver, 2012
  • AMY - Marketer of the Year-Critics Choice, 2011
  • AMY - Best Advertising Campaign, 2011

Project Results

During the first week of the game, more than 30,000 players tried to find the Original Fish Taco. During the 42 days in which the game was available, the landing page received 101,469 visits and the game page had 68,430 visits, resulting in a 67% conversion rate. Sixty-nine percent of game players won, 37% ran out of time (and 68% of those opted to play again). Only 6% quit the game.

When the email was distributed on the first day, it resulted in the highest engagement through the share and social functions; more than 19,000 people shared the game. The “Post Your Time” on Facebook share option was the most used with more than 7,000 shares. Nearly 4,625 people shared the game via Facebook message and 1,880 individuals shared it on Twitter. There were also 5,198 shares via email.