Social Media Day 2016: RDI Scavenger Hunt

Happy Social Media Day 2016 to all you socialites out there! To celebrate this year, we wanted to do something a little different and interactive. So, the RDI social media team put together a digital scavenger hunt for you to channel your inner detective! Want to play? We’ll reward your efforts with some sweet Red Door summer swag—sunglasses and tote bag for all your goodies—for your favorite sunny day activities (and a tour of our downtown office if you’re in the neighborhood).

Ready to hunt? Here’s how to participate:
1. FIRST CLUE: Start by reading the first clue at the end of this post. 
2. SOLVE CLUE #1 and hop over to the correct social channel and look for the next clue located in the comments. 
3. NEXT CLUE: If you cracked the code, you will find the next clue. 
4. TWITTER CLUES: If a clue leads you to a tweet, follow the hyperlink to find the next clue. 
5. 6 STEPS TO SUCCESS: Follow the clues until you reach a the final post. 
6. COMPLETING THE HUNT: Follow the final instructions and you’ve completed the scavenger hunt! The first person to complete the hunt will win the beach totebag and sunglasses! 

Extra Hints: Look ahead if you get stuck, but clue-hounds beware, there are spoilers!
o Take a look at the words in caps for quick clues on where to go next.
o Look in the comments section of the channel to find your next clue.
o Look for hyperlinks to make the transition easier!
o There are 6 CLUES in total across 5 CHANNELS (Twitter, FB, RDI blog, Instagram, and Snapchat) 
o Estimate about 10 minutes to complete the challenge!
o Be the first person to complete the hunt by tweeting the winning screenshot to our RDI account and we have our winner (sorry folks, only one person can winthe tote & sunglasses, but you’re all winners in our eyes)!

Have fun and happy #SMDay to you all!

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