Introducing Captain Clarity

Captain Clarity came about during the years of the Great Disconnect, when the Islands of Marketing were not in communication and silos ruled the day. It was a dark time—bounce rates were high, conversion rates were low, and thousands of media dollars were lost. 

But Captain Clarity believed in an integrated approach, and called upon all his best practices to bring unity to the Islands of Marketing. Slowly but surely, he taught them how to work in tandem, and together they started to connect brands to their audiences in ways that they never had imagined possible. Finally, Captain Clarity succeeded in his quest, and the marketing world enjoyed what would be called The Golden Years of Communication—that is, until The Befuddler arose.

An evil foe that lurked in the dark crevices of the digital realm, The Befuddler set out to inundate the poor marketers with confusing schemes, complicated solutions, and conflicting practices. His evil plot? To destroy good marketing with his powers of Complexity, thus clouding the vision of innocent brands and disconnecting them from their consumers. 

So Captain Clarity developed a plan, one that would deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. With the strength of his Core Values, he shared purposeful insights to marketers to bring clarity from the complexity. With an informed storytelling approach, he vowed to fight off The Befuddler at every customer touchpoint, to restore full optimization and engagement once again. 

Tools and Equipment

Captain Clarity’s special tools are the Core Values that make his data-driven system so powerful: 

  • Self-developed Jerk Vision that allows him to easily identify anyone less than 100% JERK-FREE.
  • The Cape of Integration, woven from the threads of a cross-channel approach, made to INSPIRE all audiences. 
  • The RDI Shield, designed to break down barriers, push past goals, and EXCEED expectations on all occasions.
  • The Analytics Utility Belt equipped with interchangeable tools, allowing him to EVOLVE his strategy instantaneously.
  • The Boots of Collaboration that never wear out, enabling him to SHARE ideas and expertise far and wide. 

The Next Generation

Now, because the marketing world is expanding and evolving faster than ever, and The Befuddler is still on the prowl, Captain Clarity has a new mission: to assemble the ultimate team of heroes to join his ranks. He senses that a lot of worthy candidates are out in San Diego this week for Comic-Con, destined to influence consumers through their diverse powers of marketing. Do you have what it takes to work alongside Captain Clarity? Do his Core Values resonate with your own? See what he’s looking for, and apply today .

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