What to Expect in 2016

It’s a shiny new 2016, which means a whole new range of opportunities as marketers project the anticipated trends for the New Year. According to a recent CEB Iconoculture article, we can be better informed of people’s changing values and behaviors by looking back at the significant shifts in 2015, helping us to situate the consumer landscape ahead. Here are a few behavioral trends that they predict for the upcoming year:

  1. I in identity: A new wave of self-identity and understanding, as people feel more inclined to take ownership over who they are and how they want to be perceived in the world. 
  2. Head rules heart: A growing practice of mindfulness that will guide consumers to become more sensitive to and in control of their own emotions.
  3. Talking in pictures: A developing visual language that influences how people dialogue and connect with one another.
For a more in-depth breakdown of how these consumer trends will influence the marketing world in 2016, Charles Wiedenhoft – Red Door’s Director of Strategic Planning – offers some further analysis in the following video: 

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Top Trends 2016: Must Know Insights for Effective Storytelling with Consumers
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