Top 24 Reasons Why San Diego Truly is America’s Finest City

A lot of cities claim to be the best one around, but can they hold a flame to San Diego? Read on to see why we here at Red Door are all 😍 over this city!

In San Diego, you can roll out of bed, surf, enjoy a California burrito, and then polish it off with a pint of local craft brew (Ballast Point, Stone, Groundswell—the options are endless). What else could you ask for? Our team takes pride in being able to work here every day, and when we’re not in the office, we’re out soaking up everything that this beautiful city has to offer. These are just some of the reasons why we believe San Diego dominates the rankings:

1. First, we have gorgeous weather

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Sorry East Coast, but this really is what it looks like year-round.

2. Our closets are full of sandals and flip flops

It’s always open-toe shoe season.

3. You can start your day at a local coffee shop

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With a side of avocado toast. Because, #health.

4. There’s many ways to indulge your morning sweet tooth

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So many donut shops. Must. Try. Them. All.

5. There are several different farmer’s markets to explore

There’s one practically every day of the week.

6. You can enjoy a pint of craft beer anywhere

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There’s never a shortage of local breweries.

7. Mexico is just a short drive away

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Sometimes you just want to fulfill that taco craving.

8. You don’t have to actually leave the country for a killer burrito

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Besides, Nico’s doesn’t make you go through Border Patrol.

9. You can take a quick drive up into the mountains

Hey, look! It really does snow in California!

10. Nothing beats the beach

Every single day of the week.

11. You can take a boat ride on the bay

Get the crew and capt’n ready.

12. There are countless places to spend happy hour

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In San Diego, every hour is a happy hour.

13. We have all the food

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Just go to Hodad’s. You’ll understand.

14. We take #TacoTuesday very seriously

As we should. 

15. Julian apple pies are simply the best, FYI

Julian Pies > everyone else’s.

16. We have tons of local ice cream shops

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We scream for San Diego ice cream!

17. We can always go for a healthy alternative

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Acai date, anyone?

18. You can take yoga classes with friends

To balance out all the burritos and donuts.

19. There’s a lot of hiking trails to venture out on

Torrey Pines vs. Potato Chip: which is better?

20. You can catch a game at beautiful Petco Park

Do you really need a winning team to have fun?

21. There’s plenty of water sports to try

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And don’t forget the waterproof camera!

22. Beach days are totally acceptable during Winter

No need for snow shovels here. Sand shovels, yes.

23. Every night, there’s a gorgeous sunset

If you don’t Snapchat it, it didn’t happen!

24. Sunny days turn into the most gorgeous nights

SERIOUSLY. Look at how beautiful that is.

Once you’ve lived in this city it’s hard to live anywhere else. If we’ve convinced you to consider a move, our own team is always expanding—take a look at our careers page and see what your future could be like in America’s Finest City.

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