Social Listening: How to Stay in the Conversation

Digital conversations have become the driving force behind all brand and consumer interactions, and as a result, social listening is playing a larger part in consumer engagement than ever before. In order to keep up-to-date with these conversations, here at Red Door Interactive, we have ways to collect data in real-time, such as the social listening tool we use called NetBase. Read on for some of the reasons why we love this platform: 

3 reasons to use NetBase

1. Real-time campaign management 
Advertisers can stay on top of the conversations people are having using real-time social listening, allowing brands to measure the success of a campaign across multiple channels. By monitoring the trend of terms associated with the campaign, brands can identify opportunities to engage with the audience in an influential way. Beyond term tracking, brands can also monitor brand sentiment and reputation in order to find the best way to add to the conversation. 

2. Research and analytics capabilities 

NetBase provides a number of research capabilities to give brands accurate insights into their campaign and audience, including competitor research. For example, you can run comparisons with competitors in terms of volume, brand sentiment, or associated terms. A feature unique to NetBase is the Brand Passion Index, which measures net sentiment around the brand and passion intensity, or a measurement of associated words. Passion intensity takes into account how many positive or negative words or mentions are associated with your brand. This gives you a 360-degree comparison between your brand and competitors’. 

3. Alerts 
As one of our favorite features of NetBase, alerts are integral to staying on top of what people are saying and keeping track of campaign success. Using alerts, you can set a threshold on a metric, and NetBase will alert you if it goes above or below. Alerts allow brands to stay ahead of trends in the market and also signal an immediate opportunity to engage in the conversation. 

How does Red Door use NetBase?

Here at Red Door, we use NetBase in a variety of ways. One way is to monitor conversations related to campaign launches. For example, in order to measure the success of client ASICS America’s DynaFlyte shoe release, we utilized NetBase to see when the conversation around the shoe peaked, and then checked to see if it correlated with the launch event. We also researched the trends of terms and hashtags associated with DynaFlyte, allowing us to determine if our content was helping to form those conversations. 

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