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Alison Schwartz 

Client Services 

Going abroad takes you out of your element in such an incredible way. In the spring of 2014, I was fortunate enough to spend my semester studying and living in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. 

The day I left for abroad was the day my view on the world, myself, and life in general changed. Something about the adrenaline rush of independence, paired with the challenges of adjusting to a new place, foreign language and culture, left me different than before, in the best way possible. It is an exhilarating and life-changing experience that opened my eyes to the expansive world around me. I met some incredible people from both different colleges and around the globe, people with interesting accents and people with lives far different from my own.  

Studying abroad pushed me out of my comfort zone to experience another culture, language, environment and education system. It taught me to appreciate difference and diversity and how to interact with people from other countries and cultures. My experience abroad has truly affected the way I see the world, increased my sense of confidence and ignited in me the desire for constant adventure. 

Charles Bridge in Prague

Jena Miller 

Accounting and Finance 

I have a love of nature and particularly for Alaska. I grew up having my Grammie there to help raise me and my brother. She is one of my inspirations for becoming a strong woman. She always talked about Alaska with such love. My desire was to get her back there for vacation but I was too young to travel and with time, she became too old.

She lived in Seward and worked as a nurse during WWII where she met her husband and fell in love with both the man and the town. When she passed, I promised myself I would return her ashes to the land she held so dearly so I would understand all the stories she passed down. During my visit, I stayed in a cute little remodeled Quonset hut close to the water. I was so taken with the beauty of it all and the kindness of strangers. 

I waited until the last day of my trip to spread her ashes. I said my goodbyes, recalled the words of my father while spreading her ashes, then chuckled and cried at the same time knowing this is where she belonged. She's a wonderful reminder of who I am today which allows me to be a great co-worker here with all of you at Red Door! 

Seward, Alaska 

Luis Retana

Technology Services 

Ask anyone where I am in my free time and they will respond, "he's at the gym". My interest in bodybuilding has led me to focus a tremendous amount of time in the gym. Every day, I spend about 3 hours at World Gym. Some may think of this as torture, but for me it relieves stress and gets me closer to achieving my goal of competing professionally in bodybuilding. If I ever need some extra motivation, I sometimes drive to Gold's Gym in Venice, California to train around current Mr. Olympia contenders and legends. I even had the chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

I attribute my love for bodybuilding to my older brother. In high school, he gifted me The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, the Bible of Bodybuilding. After my football season ended senior year, I felt like I needed another form of physical activity so I decided to casually go to the gym. It wasn't until 2012 that I decided to seriously train for bodybuilding. Over the years, I can confidently say I have benefited a lot from weightlifting. It gives me the chance to work towards achievements and live a healthier lifestyle. The gym offers me a place to leave my worries and problems at the door and just focus on myself. 

Lisa Rodgers

Client Services 

I have a small passion for a certain 4-legged beast. It is a passion that has burned within me since before I had even sat on a horse. Growing up, there was a tree in my backyard that I would sit on and spend hours pretending I was riding. I drew a face, used my belt for stirrups and named him Brownie. With time, my parents realized the passion wasn't going away, so they enrolled me in riding lessons. The rest is history. We moved to a farm in Oregon where my parents discovered a farm that ended up being owned by one of the top show jumping trainers in the nation. I ended up with my first show pony - a pinto named Chocolate Sundae. That pony was the beginning of a very successful show career. 

After a horse-free college experience, I ended up riding for fun occasionally for a trainer in San Diego. I expressed to him that I wanted to learn how to compete in the top level competitions. He told me that if I wanted to learn the right way, I had to go to Europe. 2 weeks later and I was on a flight with my saddle and boots to Amsterdam. It was an incredible experience competing in Holland and Spain with some of the best riders in the world. I learned a lot, developed tough skin and have never worked so hard in my life. Since my experience in Europe, I have taken a step back from the competitive show jumping life.  Perhaps one day I'll get back in the show ring, but for now, my no-pressure horse life is great!

1988: Chocolate Sundae 

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