We:30 Share & Tell: Francisco Takes Us to the Movies

This edition of Share & Tell highlights Francisco, one of our Web Developers, as he talks about his love for the movies—and divulges some of his favorites!

I am a big fan of all movie genres (except for musicals). I enjoy watching horror movies after 10:00 p.m., when everyone is asleep and there are no other sounds other than the ones in the movie. I like the feeling of being scared, but I admit that once the movie ends, it is hard to get out of bed and turn down the lights—that’s when I usually walk really fast and cover myself with a blanket.

My love for the movies comes from my dad. As a child, I remember him taking me to the theater and buying me delicious popcorn. He would usually let me pick the movie, but I always picked the most boring one, and in the end he would just smile and say, “Next time, I’ll pick.”

I don’t necessarily have a Top 10 list, but here are just some movies that I’ve enjoyed a lot:

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Every Wednesday at 3:30 we gather to celebrate an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed, and be 100% jerk-free. In our Share & Tell edition, we invite the employee to share their unique story, or simply something that inspires them.

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