We:30 Share & Tell: Patrick Shares His Baseball Stadium Rankings

In this week's Share & Tell, Patrick, one of our Project Managers, gives us his inside scoop on the Major League Baseball stadiums that he's visited (so far!). 

My name is Patrick Hayes and I have an addiction: I absolutely love baseball stadiums.

To me there’s nothing more exhilarating than traveling into a foreign city, staring wide-eyed at the skyline, and experiencing the accompanied anticipation of exploring all the nooks of the ballpark. This is the smell of summer I crave.

Immediately after graduating college I embarked on a seven-day, seven-stadium tour that will never be topped. I’ve attended a two-city, day-night doubleheader, sleeping in an airport overnight to take the first flight out for a noon game two time zones away. Needless to say, there’s nothing quite like this experience and I’ve made it my goal to visit every single MLB stadium that exists. 

With the expectation that I’ll be adding Petco Park to the list on April 9, here’s my current official rankings:

1. Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox (2008)
  • The Green Monster and I watched batting practice from on the field!
2. PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates (2008 & 2013)
3. AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants (2012)
  • Upper-deck views provide stellar sights of the bay. Stop winning the World Series already.
4. Old Yankee Stadium – New York Yankees (2008)
  • If this Subway Series game versus the Mets wasn’t rained out, it could be at the top. You can just feel the history in Monument Park.
5. Tiger Stadium – Detroit Tigers (every year from 1989-1999)
  • Nostalgia. Old stadiums were just built different, with narrow concourses and being right on top of the action. Not to mention the flag pole was in play.
6. Safeco Field – Seattle Mariners (2013)
  • Lucky enough to see a game where the roof was deployed during play in the 7th inning. Two completely different environments.
7. Camden Yards – Baltimore Orioles (2008)
  • B&O Warehouse. The lovely brick building that Ken Griffey Jr. hit during the 1993 Homerun Derby; need I say more? 
8. Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers (every year form 2000 – present)
  • Amazing views of some of the most beautifully architected buildings of the 1900s.
9. Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs (2012)
  • Ivy, cramped seats and fans that are there more to be seen than to watch the game. That’s when you know you’re old.
10. Great American Ballpark – Cincinnati Reds (2007)
  • Definition of a band box. Fun atmosphere but feels more minor league in stature.
11. Progressive Field – Cleveland Indians (2008 & 2013)
  • It’s Cleveland…don’t get me started.
12. Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers (2012)
  • Third-oldest park surely feels like it.
13. Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia Phillies (2008) 
  • The blandest stadium I’ve been to. You know that "Always Sunny" episode with Mac and Chase Utley? My fantasy baseball man crush was just as real.  
14. U.S. Cellular Field – Chicago White Sox (2009)
  • Ugh, they segregate parts of their stadium off from each other, which completely defeats the purpose of being able to wander and embrace the atmosphere.
15. Shea Stadium – New York Mets (2008)
  • Attended on a Wednesday afternoon which happened to be Weather Appreciation Day for what seemed like 25,000 middle school kids. Not to mention the cement on the third deck was literally crumbling in its final year. 
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