Three Analytics Models to Show SEO Impact and Improve ROI

The eMetrics Summit calls together the biggest brands to share and learn about today’s most powerful data-related content. With conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe, the eMetrics Summit is one of the top digital analytics events in the world.

The 2015 conference series kicks off in San Francisco March 29 through April 2, and Red Door’s own Digital Analyst, Justin Gabbert, and Senior Digital Analyst, Bryan Olshock, will be speaking in the Applied Sciences Track on “Advanced SEO Impact and ROI Modeling.” Our Red Door duo is excited to share their unique approach to SEO measurement and forecasting that they’ve been developing and evolving over the last year. 

Justin and Bryan’s presentation will introduce the results of their project and analysis, including their Simple Linear Regression Forecast, Multiple Linear Regressions Forecast, and Impact Analysis Model that segments organic search traffic into incremental traffic, baseline traffic, and awareness traffic. The content of their session will disclose not only the impact of historical projects on ROI, but also the potential impact of future projects through this unique ROI modeling. We're excited to share our marketing expertise at this esteemed international event!

Missing the San Francisco eMetrics Summit?

Justin and Bryan will also be sharing their presentation at the Chicago conference in June 2015. Additionally, as a corollary to this discussion on SEO measurement and forecasting, Bryan will also be teaming up with Google’s Agency Development Manager, Mike Gaudio, to share usable secrets on how to make the most of paid media dollars at Red Door’s upcoming Speaker Series on April 14. It’s not too late to RSVP—click here to learn more about this educational event and reserve a seat today!

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