We:30 Share & Tell: Hilary Shares about Adirondack Camp

Every Wednesday at 3:30 we gather to celebrate an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed and be 100% jerk-free. In our Share & Tell edition, we invite the employee to share their unique story, or simply something that inspires them. This week Hilary, one of our Business Managers, shares about her family vacations at Adirondack camp!

I spend my summers at Little Moose Lake in upstate New York. In 1969, my maternal grandparents purchased the Adirondack camp for $18,000 without ever having seen it. It came with a lot of character and we have changed very little over the years - adding fishing rods, slouchy old hiking boots, cozy blankets and lots of board games. Over time, each of the structures on the property have been named: the Honeymoon Cabin, the Girl’s Cabin, the Ping Pong House, the Boat House, and the Motel. The house is quirky but charming and a perfect family gathering space. 

The last two weeks of every August, 11 grandchildren, 8 aunts and uncles and 2 grandparents would squeeze into the camp. We cooked big dinners, explored the woods and trails, held epic ping pong tournaments, wrote and performed in family plays and learned to swim across the lake (which is only 0.25 miles).
I looked forward to summers in the “Adks” for many reasons, but always to reconnect with the “Bad Girls Club” which consisted of me and my two girl cousins who were born the same summer as me. At age 9 we formed this exclusive "Bad Girls Club" and played pranks on all of our family members. Our meanest and most memorable prank was spraying my older cousin’s Pizza Hut hat with cucumber-melon perfume. My teenage cousin was devastated since this hat was given to her by her crush across the lake. It was an item we saw her carrying around regularly since it smelled like him. She's admitted she's still mad about it. But the story has a happy ending! They are now happily married! 

The Adirondacks remain very special to me. I went to college an hour away and I loved sharing it with my friends for the weekend or to kick off the summer. Over the years the winters have become equally as special and my family has spent memorable Christmases and New Year’s Eves huddled in a cabin attempting to stay warm or cross country skiing when we feel brave.  Spending time up there allows me to do what I like best: slowing down and spending time outdoors with my family. My extended family still tries to make it up for Labor Day. Our family continues to grow, and although we barely fit, we still manage to keep the tradition from my mom's generation alive.

Hilary at the Lake hilary with fish

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