MindSHARE: The Facts About Facebook Ads

Here is Red Door’s latest MindSHARE – The Facts About Facebook Ads. This information comes from the minds of two of our Red Door Media experts. It is the product of intense research, field experience and considerable expertise. We are happy to share this with you—Red Door MindSHARE is a resource through which you can leverage our knowledge to learn about the latest trends in the digital realm.

Social media, particularly Facebook, has completely transformed how brands communicate with consumers. It’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable about the advantages online social engagement can provide businesses. Whether it’s improving brand association, increasing brand interaction, or driving website traffic, Facebook offers a variety of consumer engagement solutions catering to brands’ ever-changing needs and goals.

This Red Door MindShare explores the continuously evolving Facebook platform and serves as an overview of some of its recently released product differentiators, outlined by two of our industry experts. 

By reading this, you will learn about the following Facebook capabilities: 

  • Facebook retargeting and how to utilize it 
  • The Facebook Exchange 
  • Creating custom audiences 
  • Creative rotation and best practices 
  • Facebook’s Audience Network

About the Authors:

Brianna Horvat,
Search Specialist

Search Specialist, Brianna Horvat

Brianna Horvat is a Search Specialist at Red Door. 
She is responsible for analysis, strategy, and execution of paid media campaigns, including paid search, social media advertising, digital, mobile, and video. She helps our clients succeed with campaigns that are focused on both brand awareness and direct-response. Brianna has worked with clients such Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes, California Avocado Commission, Trilogy Active Lifestyle Communities, Charlotte Russe, and Caldera Spas. She enjoys keeping up with the rapid evolution of social media advertising, as well as walking her St. Bernard/Malamute mutt around the beautiful city of Denver.

Elyse Cohen
Media Planner

Elyse is a Media Planner at Red Door. 
She is responsible for analysis, strategy, and execution of paid media campaigns, including print, television, radio, digital, paid search, social media advertising, mobile, and video. She helps our clients succeed with campaigns that are awareness and direct-response focused. Elyse has worked with clients such as Bosch,
Thermador, The Irvine Company, Shea Homes, Vistage International, RIA Financial, and San Diego County Credit Union. When she’s not providing data-driven recommendations and strategy to clients, she’s planning her next travel adventure.

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