3 Takeways from BrightEdge Share14

BrightEdge Share14 was a three day conference dedicated to the interworkings of content creation and performance, organic search optimization and how pertinent it is to stay on top of trends and algorithm updates in order to compete in any given industry. Speakers ranged from industry leaders like Google,  large corporations like Home Depot, to agency partners like Red Door’s Senior SEO Manager, Jordan Kasteler, who spoke on navigating through secure search.

Key Takeaway #1

Navigation Secure Search: From Keywords to Content
Ken Shults, Managing Director, Global Consulting, Global Strategies

Leverage Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) keyword data by setting up multiple GWMT accounts at directory or subdomain levels for a website. Normally, one GWMT can collect up to 2,000 keywords, but with functionality for up to 20 different accounts, visibility into keywords driving traffic to a site can be drastically magnified. 

Key Takeaway #2
Convert to mobile now! Over 50% of searches are done on mobile and tablets verses desktop now. If you haven’t created a search strategy based around mobile you are falling behind. Some tips for starting the transition include:
  • Switch to responsive design
  • Use a large visible call to action above the fold

  • Know where your traffic is coming from, whether it’s mobile or desktop, make sure your messaging is clear, concise and addressing the needs of the user.
Key Takeaway #3
Successful content creation.

Content is not only what you are creating, content is what people are searching. 
Everyone knows that content must be original, enticing, and needs shares/links to be successful, but what most people don’t know is what may be hurting their content strategy. Some common misunderstandings about content creation include:
  • All your blog or content should be all about your brand and your offerings. False, Duane Forester, from Bing, quoted: “80-90% of content should not be about your brand”
  • The more links the better. False, quality links is what your content needs. All it takes is one high quality link to rank your piece of content.
    • Focus more on relationship building and getting your content in the right hands. 
  • Write content for high volume terms and trending topics to capture the most traffic. False, know your audience and write for them, their interests and what content silos fall under the scope of your brand.

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