We:30 Share & Tell: Mallory Shares her Camping Trips

Every Wednesday at 3:30 we get together to celebrate an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed and be 100% jerk-free. Our Share & Tell edition invites an employee to share something that inspires them and has a unique story. This week Mallory, our Marketing and PR Intern, shares her camping trips.

Growing up, summers meant camping trips. From the time I was in grade school, through my high school and college years, my family chose to spend many of our summer weekends at a campsite at Lake Don Pedro, a park a few hours away from our house. Dirt and “lake showers” might not sound like anything special, but there is something to be said about spending the weekend without so many “things.” Camping is simple. It’s free from the structure of daily life—there’s essentially no place to go, which forces you to stop doing and just be. It’s filled with conversations over the campfire, early morning wakeboarding sessions on glassy water, and without a doubt, painfully hot temperatures during campsite breakdowns.

I have countless memories from 10+ years of camping trips, including:
• Houseboating on Lake Shasta for a week, and somewhere along the way, deciding that putting dish soap on the slide off of the roof was a good idea
• Sitting under the stars in awe of meteor showers, even just shooting stars
• Getting lessons and learning “tricks” from a pro wakeboarder as a pre-teen; the 180 turn was my claim to fame
• The time we bought a 5-seater hot dog inter tube that tipped over every time the boat took a turn, and dumped everyone into the water
• Getting to see my younger cousin learn to wakeboard using the same board that my brother, sister and I had all learned on, and seeing my mom jump in the water to teach her, just as she had done for us

More than just memories, I’ve collected lessons from my time at the campsite. Above all, spending weekends out in the middle of nowhere reminded me what’s really important in my life—the people who I share it with. It didn’t matter if I was covered in dirt, or if the lake was the only resemblance of a shower available. From camping trips to Sonora to Tahoe and Yosemite, then even some time in rural Peru, I am grateful for the experiences that I’ve had so far, and I can’t wait to see what the next campsite has in store.

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