We:30 Share & Tell: Anne Shares her Talent for Throwing Themed Parties

Every Wednesday at 3:30 we get together to celebrate an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed and be 100% jerk-free. Our Share & Tell edition invites an employee to share something that inspires them and has a unique story. This week Anne, our Manager of Social Media, shares her talent for throwing themed parties.

I've always had a dress-up box (okay, fine, I have boxes). Dressing up in crazy, creative, glam costumes and throwing themed parties is one way my ideation strength has manifested itself for as long as I can remember, perhaps my entire existence. A party without a theme is merely a gathering. I suppose it provides that core message and strategy for the planning and decorating process. From weddings and baby showers to holiday dinners and birthdays, I love brainstorming a theme, planning the décor and ambiance, and working with my sister (or whoever) to make it come together.

Even if I'm not throwing the party, I still love to attend. College was a highlight, because of the themed parties and date dashes. I made costumes out of the most random things; buying one is not nearly as satisfying (what if someone shows up in the same thing?). 

Need a banner made or ideas on how to bring something to life? Check out my craft/party closet. I’m your girl!

A few party highlights:
  • 50's party for my 10th birthday (my mom made me a polka dot poodle skirt that I wore for years)
  • Fashion faux pas nights in high school (my friends and I would dress up in ridiculous outfits and hit the town of Encinitas)
  • Letter parties in college, for example, my roommates and I threw a “B” party (I was a bandit, naturally) and a “G” party (my friend and I went as gems – best excuse to buy a purple cocktail dress)
  • Any 80’s party
  • My Golden Birthday, 23 on my 23rd, and my apartment was decked out in gold, as was I 
  • Little man baby shower for a friend (bow ties everywhere)
  • My wedding (with a better together theme and navy/white/pink color scheme, I designed the logo and dreamed up the many details,  including goodies bags with food items that are also better together)
  • Murder Mystery casino birthday
  • “All that Glitters” NYE party
  • “Happily Never After” for Halloween last year (a creepy fairy tale theme)

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