Throwback Thursday: Intern Alumni who landed Jobs at RDI

Not long ago, these full-time employees were finishing up school or fresh off their college campuses, ready for their internships at Red Door Interactive. Each was selected to develop skills in their area, but also, to be part of a team and work together on their Intern project. Our core values help us to achieve and exceed our client’s expectations. We want our interns to experience that from the get-go and understand why, "Together we create to help each other win," defines our company culture. 

It’s a beautiful thing when we are able to fill an open position with one of our interns. Meet some of our Intern Alumni who have grown and evolved at Red Door after their internships. We have internships open now for a variety of positions,  and we would love to see your resume! 

Mariel Shaw

Past: Email Marketing and Project Management Intern
Present: Associate Project Manager

Where did you start at RDI?
I actually ended up having two internships! I started out as the Email Marketing Intern, and along the way discovered the project management group. So I ended up becoming the Project Management Intern at a later date.

And now?
I am now an Associate Project Manager at Red Door. My responsibilities are managing client projects so that they are finished on time and according to the requirements and strategic goals that were set at the project outset.

What were some of your favorite things about your internship?
First, I loved the positive energy at Red Door. Everyone seemed to live and respect the idea of a healthy work/life balance. Second, I appreciated that interns were treated as true members of the company, not just temporary outsiders. I was given the opportunity to work on challenging projects, and interact with various teams within Red Door as well as clients.

What is the most important thing you learned while an intern here that prepared you for your current job?
Red Door’s company purpose – “together we create to help each other win” – taught me the most. I learned the best projects were the most collaborative ones. There’s no need to pretend like you have all of the answers; aside from being stressful, it doesn’t lead to great work!

Advice for newbies?
Try to meet and learn from as many people and departments in the company as you can. If I hadn’t volunteered for a task that was outside of my regular intern duties, I wouldn’t have discovered that I had a knack for project management!

Alexa Tierney

Past: Business Services Intern
Present: Associate Business Manager

Tell us about your current position at Red Door
I am now an Associate Business Manager at Red Door. As part of the Client Services team, I am responsible for making sure that the work we do for our clients ties back to their business objectives. I currently manage 10 client accounts, ranging from restaurant brands (Rubio’s and Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes) to energy companies (Sempra and San Diego Gas & Electric). I work with the subject matter experts at Red Door to present new opportunities and recommendations to my clients, which often lead to new programs and projects to execute. I also collaborate with Project Managers to ensure that the work that we’re currently doing is high quality and meeting my client’s expectations.

What was it like as an intern at Red Door?
First of all, I was lucky enough to be part of a pretty incredible intern class (2011!). Four of us became full-time employees and are still here today. It was great to collaborate with them and feel like a part of a team from the very beginning. Additionally, it was fantastic to be a part of an internship program where I had clear responsibilities, and where I could already have contact with the clients. I learned so much because I was actually able to get my hands dirty and learn from experience.

What is the most important thing you learned while an intern here that prepared you for your current job?
As an intern, I did a lot of the Coordinator duties (managing website releases, updating content on a website via a CMS, etc.), and I learned quickly how important it is to be able to speak the language of the person you are working with. I couldn’t explain things to my client in the same way that a web developer explained things to me, and vice versa. I learned how to communicate effectively and manage expectations with both my client and internal teams

We're excited about our next class of interns, what advice do you have for them?
Shadow meetings, even if you don’t think they’re relevant to the tasks you’re managing. If you want to learn the agency language, you need to sit in and hear how people communicate with the client, the kinds of questions they ask internally, and what some of the buzz words are. It’ll help give you context for your work. Also, this may be obvious, but ASK QUESTIONS! You’re not supposed to know it all, so ask the experts. I wish I had asked more questions when I was an intern…I did a decent amount, but there’s so much more I could have learned if I wasn’t afraid to ask.  

Blake Del Hoyo

Past: Digital Analytics and Social Media Intern
Present: Social Media Coordinator

After your 2 internships you were hired. Tell us about your position now:
I am a Social Media Coordinator at Red Door. I work the Cross Channel Marketing Team in order to align all of our social efforts with other digital efforts to ensure our clients reap the biggest impact. On the day-to-day, I am responsible for ongoing engagement on many of our client’s social media channels.

What did you like most about your time as an intern at Red Door?
Both times around the people at Red Door are what impressed me most. In 2011 I came to Red Door as part of an Intern Cohort with many other interns (some still here like Lexi, Bryan and Mariel; and some of which have moved on from Red Door, like Kassi). Entering into the experience with many other’s first starting out really bonded us and made it a more comfortable journey where we could really take ownership of projects and try to show our emerging knowledge. In 2013, I came onto the social team and although wasn’t onboarded with other interns, I was quickly integrated into the RDI culture by some of the amazing staff members who have become more than just coworkers and are truly mentors and friends ready and willing to guide and teach me through my new position.

 What is the most important thing you learned and helped to prepare you for your current position?
Speak up. Ask questions. Become crazy good at Googling things and acting like you definitely already knew what you were talking about. Really, overall, just want to be in the position you’re in, and continually striving to learn and move forward in your knowledge and career path.

What should our new interns do to get the most out of their time here?
You’re in an internship to learn from others and flourish in the business realm you want (or thing you want) to be a part of, show this to those around you by being confident with your thoughts and ideas. If they’re not quite spot on, someone will tell you why and you’ll learn from it, but if they are – you’ll get the credit and feel like the rock star you are.

Ashley Hildebrand

 Past: Web Design Intern
Present: Junior Designer

What is your current position here now at Red Door Interactive?
I help support the creative team, working on design projects for almost all of our clients. I create shareable images, banner ads, landing pages, blog images, emails, print ads, infographics, and much more! 

What did you like most about your internship at Red Door?
The great thing about Red Door is that they never really treat you like an intern — you are truly apart of the team. You are given small tasks to high priority tasks. You get to dive right into the work, which helps you quickly learn how things work at an agency. Getting to work hands-on was a great way to improve my design skills and learn from the Senior Designers. 

What is the most important thing you learned while an intern here that prepared you for your current job?
You should not be afraid to put your ideas out there and learn from your mistakes. 

What is your advice for future interns?
Work hard, share your ideas, and be a great team player.

We have had so many great interns over the last few years, and are excited to see intern alumni flourish here at Red Door and at other companies. Click here to catch our recent blog post highlighting some of our Intern Alumni who are killing it at other companies now such as Nordstrom or Gallup. We are excited about the new class of interns that will be joining us this year and you could be the next! Apply now!

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