The Highly Effective Habits of Web Readers-What We Aren't Doing: Excerpt from Marketing Land

By: Jordan Kasteler, Senior SEO Manager of Red Door Interactive.

In this article, Jordan jumps into multiple studies to show what web readers are doing and how those readers are sharing content.  To end the article, he displays a diagram for those interested in well written content, and aren't we all? Check out this excerpt from Marketing Land's "The Highly Effective Habits Of Web Readers — What We Aren’t Doing": 

We all do it. When we read online, we skim, scan, and sometimes rifle through content, the same way we (used to) flip through fluff magazines or cumbersome pages of newsprint.

Thanks to aggregate web analytics, we now have a better idea of what web readers are up to… and what they’re not. Bottom line: read-through rates suck. I wrote about the issue in 2011, and it seems the problem has only gotten worse since.

A 2013 aggregate web reader study conducted by Josh Schwartz, a data scientist at web traffic monitoring service Chartbeat, showed that:
  • Over 30 percent of readers bounce immediately after landing on a site, not engaging at all
  • 10 percent engage but never scroll past the fold
  • Only half of readers who don’t initially bounce keep reading after the first few hundred words
Read the full article here 

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