Responsive Website Design Improves Ria's Customer Experience

Project Overview
Red Door and Ria partnered to make broad improvements to the current Ria customer website, riamoneytransfer.com.  We worked with Ria to simplify their website as well as improve its usability, platform and content support, and overall design. These efforts gave Ria better control over their online presence helping them to effectively communicate their services to their target audience and improve the online experience of Ria customers.

Our goal was to improve the customer experience when transferring money online by incorporating a mobile first approach to the website’s design and functionality. We wanted to both improve the CMS functionality and the paths for online acquisition efforts such as social media, email, search engines, and paid traffic. Throughout all of this, we maintained the necessary security and verification tools required for online money transfers.

To streamline and focus our efforts for this project, our best and brightest designers and developers spent many long hours collaborating in what we call the war room. We used an agile development approach in the war room to create a fully responsive design while conducting a complete replatforming of the back-end technology. The responsive design allows users to easily access the website with anything from mobile devices and tablets to desktop computers. The replatforming of the back-end technology included improvements to the CMS functionality, integration with Ria’s web services, and supporting marketing tools and platforms such as analytics, surveys, and testing.

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