RDI Analytics Expert Andy Batten to Speak at 1st Annual CO AMA REV UP 360

revup   Red Door's Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization, Andy Batten, joins a team of keynote speakers, to talk ROI on the web. REV UP 360° will be the one-day conference you need to boost your marketing mojo, advance your industry tech savvy, and dial in the need-to-know contacts.  REV UP 360° is examining from every angle what it takes to be a marketing professional in 2014. The conference aims to ensure you and your marketing team can rev it up – rev it ALL up. Why Andy's Speaking UP at REV UP So you’re getting customers to your website via your creative online marketing efforts, but do you know what you want them to do when they arrive? During his talk, “Conversion Testing: Huge Lifts for Your ROI, Andy will discuss the use of A/B and multivariate testing to improve conversion rates, and how this, often times, is the fastest route to increasing revenue online. With testing and optimization, brands can generate huge lifts in revenue with no additional media dollars. Andy will lead the way on how to get started, what tools to use, how to prioritize which areas of your site to focus on, and give tips on what kind of updates make the biggest impact. What you'll takeaway

  • Increasing the conversion rate of your website with no optimization to your media or media mix
  • Successfully running A/B and multivariate tests on your website
  • Finding the  right A/B testing tool for you and your website
  • Determining what pages and elements of your website to test
Don't miss this exciting landmark event! Register now! register More About REV UP 360° REV UP EDUCATION: The REV UP 360° speaker team will be comprised of nine incredible speakers to present at this year’s conference. Four keynote presenters will tackle the big picture of marketing strategies, creativity roadblocks, team management, and how to successfully tie your efforts to revenue. And, five pop up speakers will drill down on the industry’s hottest topics and share upper layer information on the tools and resources needed to get it all done. REV UP CONNECTION: This year’s conference will be the place to be to rub elbows with 300 of Colorado’s marketing industry movers and shakers, as well as national guest speakers. During our complimentary REV UP Gourmet Espresso bar in the morning and 360°-view Sunset Happy Hour to wrap up the day, organized activities (as well as casual networking time) will spark conversations and connections with colleagues, clients, vendors, and partners. REV UP MOTIVATION: This one-day, intense conference is designed to not only layer on ideas and provide countless resources, but to work you up into a "can-do!" swirl of motivation. The Colorado AMA wants you to leave REV UP 360° fired-up, educated, and ready to tackle the work on your desk at full speed in 2014. Meet More Keynote Speakers: Aaron Kahlow | CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Institute | t: @AaronKahlow  - READ FULL BIO HERE! Carl & Rochelle Reichley | Owners, YAY! LiFE! | t: @yaylife1Speaker Profile -  - READ FULL BIO HERE! John Ellett | CEO, nFusion | Forbes Blogger | Author, The CMO Manifesto: A 100-Day Action Plan for Marketing Change Agents | t: @jellett |  - READ FULL BIO HERE! Justin Ahrens | Principal, Rule29 | Author, Life Kerning | t: @justinahrens |  READ FULL BIO HERE! Maegen Fisher | Senior Account Manager, B2B Markets at Google | LinkedIn READ FULL BIO HERE!  

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