MindSHARE: The Power of Pinterest

Introducing the first edition of Red Door's MindSHARE. Our team is constantly monitoring the shifts and trends in marketing and discovering ways to make them work for us and for our clients. Since sharing is one of our core values, we are happy to pass this info on to you. Our MindSHAREs are easy to read and fun, and you're guaranteed to find something you can really use.

This MindSHARE contains these four Pinterest-related articles:
1. Pinned to your brand: Rich Pins on Pinterest
2. Encourage winning pinning: Pinterest Promotion Rules
3. Pins in the map: Pinterest Place Pins
4. Pinterest API Look out for more MindSHAREs with valuable tips from our Red Door team members on myriad areas of marketing. Enjoy!  

About the Author:

Anne Buehner
Senior Social Media Strategist, Red Door Interactive

Anne has spearheaded award-winning social media campaigns and strongly believes the days of siloing a brand’s communications are over. Armed with a degree in creative writing and background in pr, she helps brands develop meaningful, authentic, engaged communities and strategically tell their story across channels and platforms through compelling content. Anne also leads the team of social media experts at Red Door and works closely with other subject matter experts to ensure strategies are integrated to achieve clients’ goals.


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