Intern Insight: 3 Tips for your Social Media Channels

3Tips-SocialChannels (2) By Marissa Padilla, Social Media Intern I am officially at the half way point of my internship. I’ve learned more than I could have imaged while supporting the social media team, but I thought it was my turn to finally teach a little bit; pay some of my learning forward. Below are the top 3 social media lessons for marketers.  Don’t forget to be social on Pinterest Pinterest is a very popular social media tool that is getting bigger and better every year. In fact, our social team recently put together this whitepaper about recent Pinterest updates. As I researched Pinterest engagement for marketing and learned how we approach it at Red Door, I learned that one of the best strategies is to be social. Naturally people are social, so commenting, liking and interacting with them individually is one of the best ways to create relationships that lead to success on the channel. Pinning strong images has an obvious influence on audience engagement, but I have seen the most growth in followers and engagement as I’ve increased the social interaction! Blog titles matter The first thing a person sees in a blog is the blog title and that needs to be taken very serious when writing blogs. As obvious as it sounds, there are proven strategies on how to create the ultimate blog title. I could write more but here are two great tips that pretty much sums it up! Create urgency-this will cause the reader to feel like they are missing out on something important if they do not read your blog. Offer Value-the reader needs to feel like they will gain good information from your blog and that their time won’t be wasted. Engage influencers Influencers in social media are gold but building relationships with them may be less complicated than you think. It starts with some research to find bloggers or social heavyweights who talk about things related to your brand or who already are big fans of your brand. Then following their blogs and social feeds and beginning conversations. Engagement will be purposeful but authentic and personal. I really like this article with tips on following influencers on Twitter! These are just a handful of things that I have learned during my internship through research and practice. I believe that 2014 will only teach me more and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn in this environment. Until next month…

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