We:30 of the Week: Caleb!

We:30 is a weekly tradition here at Red Door Interactive, in which we take the time to celebrate and feature an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed, and be 100% jerk-free. We:30 also gives us a chance to learn some interesting and fun facts about the featured employee! Meet Caleb Colestock!

  • Someone once asked me, “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” And to that question my answer was, “yes, yes I sure can do my absolute best with that ma’am.”
  • My strengths are: Futuristic, Relator, Achiever, Ideation, Focus
  • I see many of these strengths at work at Red Door. Particularly, I see a great deal of focus in every single meeting, task assignment, and project that comes through. It takes dedicated ideation to work together to make sure that everything is guided by a winning strategy that achieves an end result that EXCEEDS and INSPIRES both now and into the future. I know you can relate to that!
  • I grew up in Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia. I went to school at Temple University to study international business before deciding to EVOLVE into design and advertising. I moved to San Diego almost 3 years ago and I have loved every minute of beautiful weather, days on the beach, delicious food, and wonderful people, though I do miss the snow (but only sometimes).
  • When I’m not designing, I’m working on music. I started playing drums when I was little, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach myself to play a few instruments. I’ve released music on some net labels in the UK, and last year I launched an independent digital release music label. If you like electronic music that’s a little on the experimental side, ask me to make you a mix! Making music exercises the same creative muscles that translate back to everything else that I do. It also helps me relax.
  • This past year I tried surfing for the first time. I loved it and I am determined to get a surfboard this year and catch some more waves.
  • Brussels sprouts are my new favorite veggie. My other favorite veggie is BACON!
  • I love talking to people about their ideas! I love the energy that exchanges when I get to listen to someone talking openly about their passions and the things that they love. Got an idea for an app, a small business, invention, or website? Feel free to SHARE with me! I want to about hear about it. Heck, maybe I can even help! I promise, I’m 100% JERK FREE!
  • As the Design Intern at Red Door, I help the creative team come up with elevated visual solutions for brands. I like to make things, all kinds of things, usually by the pixel.


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