Event Recap: 6 Need-to-Know Takeaways for Digital Marketing Success

The landscape of digital marketing is rapidly changing, particularly when it comes to the technology available to today’s marketer.  We used to be able to get away with leveraging just a handful of business-critical platforms. But now, marketers have almost 1,000 potential technology platforms to vet across more than 40 verticals. Red Door has spent quite a bit of time having our subject matter experts vet vendors in key verticals. As a result, we’ve identified five particularly innovative technology partners that we wanted to introduce to our clients.

At this event, held in San Diego and Denver, attendees learned how shifts in consumer behavior are raising the bar for marketers and marketing platforms.

A few important takeaways that hit home when discussing how to optimize digital marketing in 2014:

1. Create “In-the-Moment Magic” for consumers online and offline.

  • With the shift in consumer behavior toward mobile devices, shopping is just a tap away, and takes place around the clock, so retailers must adopt an “Always-on Commerce” approach.  This involves highly personalized consumer journeys from exposure to purchase, across all devices. Editorial content and peer-to-peer recommendations are essential to reinforcing a brand’s position and influencing purchasing decisions.  “Discovery, curiosity and creativity are the driving forces behind the next evolution of online retail,” - Charles Wiedenhoft, Director of Strategic Planning, Red Door Interactive.

2. Video Virality doesn’t just happen-it’s all strategy!

  • Tony Chen stepped up to the plate to represent his viral video marketing company, Channel Factory. Channel factory is an online video distribution and data company that takes strategy and applies it to viral marketing to target the right viewers, provide brand safety and ultimately garner thousands of clicks on their client’s content. The secret? “Content, distribution and measurement are essential for video virality,” – Tony Chen, CEO of Channel Factory.

3. Batch blast is in the past!

  • Old messaging such as mass email blasts and classic one-off messages are dead. With nearly quadruple the amount of consumer touch points, ExactTarget’s platform focuses on innovative marketing strategies such as event-drivenlifecycle based and integrated communication approaches. “Building a strong social listening program will allow you to tailor communication to customer preferences, and become a customer centric company,” -ExactTarget’s, Amy O’Connell.

4. Take charge of your consumer’s experience.

  • A personalized engagement plan leads the customer journey on a website. Sitecore’s platform generates relevant experiences and content across various communications channels in order to “Own your user’s experience.” This in turn, builds brand loyalty and creates brand advocates who are actively engaged on your website. Also, it is important to integrate various social functionalities into your site. “Social capabilities-micro blogs, media galleries and widgets, engage customers and create referrals for new customer acquisition”- Alyssa Murphy, Sitecore.

5. Use the power of “What you know” to Power “What you do.

  • BlueKai is Big Data for marketing. We know what customers do through data collection on social, mobile, ecommerce and other websites. BlueKai utilizes both first-party and third-party data to unlock the value in this vast amount of information. “For marketers, it is crucial to understand the behavior of their consumers online by marrying first-party and third-party data,”- Jim Burchell, BlueKai.

6. Data can drive an elevated customer experience.

  • From device, to location, to local weather, you can utilize data to create a unique customer experience online. For example, a climbing enthusiast visits her favorite outdoor gear website. Monetate’s JavaScript tag fires on page load and relevant, contextual-based content is presented. In this case, a winter climber campaign optimized for several platforms is displayed. “Targeted visitor experience is crucial for digital marketing, and data is the factor that makes this possible,” Bryan Olshock – Red Door Digital Analyst, speaking about Monetate.

In all, it is increasingly apparent that digital marketing is making a shift toward personalized and data-driven engagement. These featured platforms are leaders in their industries, putting unique consumer experience both online and offline at the forefront of their services and technology. We want to thank our innovative partners for sharing their knowledge with us!

Interested in attending our next event? Find out more here!

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