Case Study: Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes 13 Days of Menu Favs Facebook Contest

Project Overview:

The purpose of the 13 Days of Menu Faves campaign was to showcase just how much Garden Fresh (parent company to Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes restaurant chains) values their guests’ feedback, and to do so in an interactive, engaging way. For the past few years, Garden Fresh asked their email subscribers to vote on their favorite menu items via a basic poll. The results from the annual poll would then inform the restaurant menu during a special February Guest Favorites promotion. This year, they wanted to try something new - something that would reach their fans on social media as well as email. With that goal in mind, we were able to develop a campaign that extended across several digital channels and turned a one-time poll into a fun, fresh 13-day Facebook contest.


Our goal was to crowdsource the menu items to feature during the Guest Favorites month. We wanted to increase engagement and fans on Facebook as well as highlight that Souplantaion/Sweet Tomatoes brand values its guest' feedback.


We used a "Menu Match-up" held on a Facebook tab where, for 13 days, fans could vote on their favorite recipes in different categories. A blog post let fans know what menu match-ups were upcoming and allowed non-Facebook users to share their votes. Additionally, a dedicated email announcing the contest was distributed. Social media posts, via Facebook and Twitter, were created each day for the 13 days and announced which menu items were up for voting. In order to increase reach we utilized Facebook PPC and promoted post.


The results were fantastic with over 114,000 visitors visiting the contest tab and 40,000 entries into the contest. Plus, contest engagement lead to 28,434 new Facebook fans! 

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