iMedia article "Marketing Skills They Don't Teach You in School"

Red Door Interactive’s CEO, Reid Carr, gives his insight in iMedia’s recent article, “Marketing Skills They Don’t Teach You in School.” Here is an excerpt from this enlightening article:  

My education at the University of Oregon was absolutely invaluable to what I do today. I am one of the few, it seems, who actually majored in the very thing I do for a living. If you can believe it, I actually knew what I wanted to do in high school and therefore chose Oregon because of its advertising program. And, while I learned a lot about advertising (prof. Ann Maxwell, among others), marketing, psychology, consumer behavior (shout out to prof. Dalakas!), and grammar -- yes, I had a grammar class -- there are a few things that I've picked up since I graduated about 15 years ago. Hopefully the following discoveries can help you ace your next career test.

Intrigued? Read Reid’s discoveries here.

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