5 More Brain Triggers to Drive Conversions on Your Website or Landing Page

Recently, Jordan, Red Door Interactive’s SEO Manager, wrote an enlightening article for iMedia about brain triggers that can boost social media marketing.  He left us all thirsty for more! So, he delivered. Here is an excerpt from Jordan’s new article from iMedia where he shares how to use psychological principles to get action on your site:

"After my article on using neuroscience and psychology to boost your social media marketing, I thought a follow-up was warranted, this time for website and landing page conversions.

The psychology of web design has been a highly tested field, including relaying on triggers to entice users to complete an action. There are several different forces behind human behavior, like the classic FOMO (“fear of missing out”), curiosity, and the use of color to convey a message or feeling.

The following triggers are proven ways to increase action on your website."

Want to find out what the triggers are? Read the full article.

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