We:30 of the week: Amy!

We:30 is a weekly tradition here at Red Door Interactive, in which we take the time to celebrate and feature an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed, and be 100% jerk-free. We:30 also gives us a chance to learn some interesting and fun facts about the featured employee! Meet Amy Apodaca, Social Media Specialist at Red Door.

  • My friends & fam refer to me as "The Social Doll"- I have been working and managing all things social media & web content for over 5 years, I love writing and crafting up new ideas…and am currently starting my own personal blog, stay tuned for… TheSocialDoll.com 
  • Some of my strengths are Achiever, Learner and Positivity- I feel these tie directly into my life early on-growing up I was class president, an active leader in my sorority and obsessed with straight A's (obsessed!). I also love seeing the brighter side to things and try to live each day with a smile.
  • In 2006 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease otherwise known as gluten intolerance. More than just a fad, the seriousness involved in leading a gluten free lifestyle requires me to make healthy choices by avoid anything with wheat, barley, rye & oats…cross contamination is my worst enemy, so I enjoy preparing new and delicious GF recipes at home! (But if I could eat gluten again, for just one day, I’d start it off with a doughnut lathered in pink frosting, eat a HUGE piece of pizza.. maybe even a beer…and end my day with a carne asada burrito, so maybe it’s a good thing? 
  • I have varied taste in music.. Right now I’m loving dubstep & electro-house  but my favorite band is The Rolling Stones, who I’ve seen in concert since I was 12… a couple of years ago, my dad (who oil paints as a hobby) made me a life-size portrait of Mick Jagger for my house--- unfortunately it's awesomeness is in storage, my fiance isn't the biggest fan!
  • In the past six months, I got engaged to the most amazing man, got a French bulldog we named Chester (@chesterdafrenchie, of course he has his own Instagram!) and started here at Red Door, I have to say I'm a lucky girl!
  • My favorite things: laughing hysterically, vanilla soy lattes, blue gummy bears, blogs, stripes and polka dots, pink and gold, frenchies, concerts, museums, Mad Men, Moscow mules, anything Apple product related, Gluten Free menus, 1920’s anything, Vacations with sandy toes or cozy sweaters, champagne brunches, Vegas, a good workout, scrapbooking, spending time w/ those closest to me.. and of course SOCIAL!
  • As the Social Media Specialist my mission is to develop, execute & manage our client’s social channels. My goal is to be the voice for their online community and stay on top of social media trends and evolving tools to promote growth and engagement.

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