Chelsea Bakewell discusses the benefits of working and living downtown in this San Diego Business Journal article

Downtown’s Hot Spots Draw Residents;  Now They Need Businesses

By: Emmet Pierce, San Diego Business Journal

Red Door has been headquartered in downtown San Diego since it was founded in 2002 for many reasons but our Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Chelsea Bakewell, takes advantage of the wide array of benefits living and working in the area offers. She sat down with San Diego Business Journal to discuss some of these highlights and why she can't picture living anywhere else! Here is an excerpt from the article: “Chelsea Bakewell can’t picture living and working anyplace other than downtown San Diego. It's a place, she said, with plenty of theaters and high-end restaurants, as well as many families- a pace "geared toward any stage" of life. "My fiancé and I can see ourselves retiring and living downtown," said Bakewell, a 27-year-old marketing and public relations manager for Red Door Interactive who walks to work each day. And contrary to what you might think, she said, you don’t have to be involved in the party scene to appreciate downtown amenities. "They have a scene for everything....There really is just a lot going on." the process isn't complete, but since redevelopment in downtown San Diego Began gaining momentum in the 1970's, the district has evolved into a diverse place where people can live, work and play.” 

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