Event Recap: Conversion Optimization Workshop

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On September 19th Red Door Interactive held another event in its ongoing Speaker Series, where expert Andy Batten – RDI’s Manager of Digital Analytics – spoke on the topic of Conversion Optimization and A/B testing. The event was also held in San Diego on September 24th with co-presenter Bryan Olshock, Senior Digital Analyst at Red Door. The event, dubbed “Conversion Optimization Done Right”, received outstanding feedback from attendees for being both informative and actionable, as the two RDI experts provided ideas on identifying user pain points and illustrated how testing can create dramatic lifts in revenue without incremental campaign spend. “Conversion Optimization Done Right” touched on key fundamentals of testing such as when to use an A/B vs. Multivariate test, which A/B testing tool might be right for your website, and how to determine which pages and elements of your website to test. Here are a few highlights from their presentations:
  •  Steps to start your website optimization testing include promoting the value of testing, discovery to determine testing opportunities, and picking a testing tool.
  • Adding trust symbols & language to web forms can quickly boost your conversion rate. Make sure the benefit of providing information is clear to the user, and tell them how you plan to use their data.
  •  Testing too many elements at once may result in a sample bias. In developing a testing roadmap and executing tests, ensure that your tests do not conflict with each other.
  • It’s critically important that testing programs celebrate wins with all stakeholders. Promoting the success to executive and technical teams helps everyone understand the value and impact they have on the business, and builds momentum for digital marketing and testing.
  • Every test should have a learning that contributes to strategy going forward, even if the learning is that the specific change doesn’t have an impact; establishing a thorough, deliberate testing roadmap ensures that this learning takes place.
  In one highlight of the presentation, the RDI experts demonstrated how changing one word on a clients’ call-to-action resulted in a 222% lift in the click rate!   If you missed the events or were there but would like to view the presentation again, check it out here.  Thank you all for your attendance and we hope to see you at our next Speaker Series.

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