Case Study: California Avocado Commission Season Opener Facebook Event

CAC Season Opener  
Overview: The California Avocado Commission (CAC) recently hosted it's second annual, week-long Season Opener Event on Facebook, generating awareness and engagement around the start of the California Avocado season and encouraging consumers to interact with other fans as well as California Avocado experts. Details of the Season Opener Event included:

  • Week-long celebration on Facebook featuring three live chats with California Avocado Experts, totalling about 175 questions and comments during the chat events
    • Chuck Bandy, a California Avocado Grower
    • Bonnie Taub-Dix, Registered Dietitian
    • Gaby Dalkin, Chef & Blogger
  • A dedicated Facebook tab to promote the event and collect RSVP’s
    • RSVP’ing included signing up for the recipe email list
    • 237 total people RSVP’d for the celebration
    • 170 new email subscribers were added to the list
  • Prizes given away to participants after each live chat
  • Event invitation images to share on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • CaliforniaAvocado.com home page hero, mobile homepage callout, recipes page callout
The goal of the promotion was to generate excitement around the start of the California Avocado season, increase fan engagement and position the California Avocado brand as both a premium and  friendly expert resource. The event served as a platform for consumers to connect with the brand and share their love for California Avocados.

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