Diary of a Social Media Intern: Month 1

Diary of a Social Media Intern: Month 1 “Why did you name the company Red Door Interactive?” I asked founder and CEO Reid Carr. “We wanted a company name that represented boldness but familiarity all in the same title. We want to inspire clients and employees to evolve securely in an environment that produces shared success. As a company, we must believe these values inwardly so that there is an outward, positive response.” With such a confident answer like that, I could only respond with a head nod. I didn’t feel the need to ask any further questions. Only a few days into the internship and I knew I would love this agency based off of one answered question. Starting a new job can always feel overwhelming. There are new faces and unfamiliar lingo that can me feel like I am alone or unqualified if I let them. My new co-workers, however, have not only made me feel fully welcome but have also freely allowed me to feel successful in my individual strengths. Every day I feel more valued while being taught something new - and that balance has been so energizing! From their CEO down to their interns, they set a tone that inspires excellence and I get to be a part of their shared success. When I was offered this internship, I could have not anticipated the experience I was going to have. I’m already being taught the strategic side of social media while learning the business aspect of client relationships. Every day I learn something new whether it be the latest updates on Pinterest or the perfect time to post on Facebook. Daily I am learning that Red Door is much more than a work space or a “job”, it is a community that has a foundation passionate about development. Stay tuned for next months entry! Marissa

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