A Halloween Special: Resurrected Brands

In the spirit of goblins, ghosts and the walking dead, we are highlighting brands and products that have seemingly resurrected from the dead and have made more surprising comebacks than the 90s trends at Fashion Week.  You’ll notice that the following three examples all are very well-known products that were never fully forgotten. Nostalgia is a powerful ingredient to any return-to-market campaign.
 1. Furbies Remember this furry electronic talking toy pictured above? It was on every kid’s Christmas list in 1998. The hype was short-lived and Furbies soon joined the likes of tamagotchis in toy after-life.  Then, last year, Hasbro resurrected the Furby with Furby 2012, complete with a mobile app.  Now with Furby Boom and Party Rockers, this furry family is back and growing.
 2. Coca-Cola Glass Bottles Coca-cola took a step back to the future with its glass bottles.  Other soda brands took a cue from Coke and aimed at the affections of a younger crowd with trendy glass bottles, but Coke triggers nostalgia for the older folks since "the Coca-Cola glass contour bottle is part of [the] brand's DNA and has been for decades," according to a spokesperson.  The iconic beverage also opts for glass as a more environmentally friendly material.  


3. Twinkies

The infamous disappearance of the sweet Hostess snacks was probably the best thing that would happen for the Twinkies product. I hadn’t realized people purchased them until every news channel told me they were going away.  After a six-month mourning period, Twinkies made “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever” with a longer shelf-life of 45 days and new funding. What’s your favorite comeback story? Share with us below!  

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