Rivalry Weekend Recap: Social Media Style

By Blake Del Hoyo, Social Media Coordinator

After the Macy’s Day Parade, Thanksgiving dinner and just maayyybe a little Black Friday shopping the inevitable happened –college football. With a family as big, and as opinionated, as mine, rivalries become a big deal. Oregon State vs. Oregon, Notre Dame vs. Stanford, UCLA vs. USC, Arizona vs. ASU… the list goes on and on and no matter which side you choose, there’s always someone ready to tell you that you’ve made the wrong decision. Even after the minutes on the clock run out. Just like at my family get-togethers, social media platforms always seem to be vying for the attention and support of brands; so, how do you choose? Basically, the same way as a sports-fan with no ties to the area (or social space) does: list the pros and cons of each, listen to what the experts are saying and heed your gut-instinct. Ready for my pros & cons list? It’s below! Images and video are taking over the internet. These quickly digestible tidbits can share a lot of information quickly and are visually enticing for users to engage with- consider the fact that Tweets are up to 94% more likely to be retweeted if they include a photo and Facebook posts get 120% higher engagement when coupled with a photo. Which bite sized video platform will win your brand’s big-game? InstavsVine (3)  
There’s always a must-see matchup where you just can’t wait to see the outcome of the game (remember Denver vs. New England's past game?) and in social, it always seems to come down to Facebook versus Google+. In our case, we’re fans of both teams.

And, of course, there’s always those matchups based a little on looks and flair (again, I’ll default to Manning vs. Brady). Social pinning or bookmarking sites are a great way for users to spontaneously share your information and products, with the extra bonus – they’re just a click away from purchasing!

PinterestvsPolyvore (3)

  Now that you’ve had a bit to think about it, what social teams will you side with?

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