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Featured in the San Diego Business Journal Red Door Interactive continues to be recognized for it's ongoing commitment to giving back to our San Diego Community, as well as the area surrounding their Denver headquarters. Reid Carr, CEO, shares some of his personal values that have shaped the companies values, and helped Red Door lead by example to build a better San Diego.
building a bette san diego
Q: What is the focus of your company’s giving philosophy in San Diego County? Our philosophy has evolved over the years but it has always included a local bent because we feel that it is important that our people feel connected to the causes in our community. We decide what those causes are by committee. Beyond that, it is a two-dimensional philosophy. One is social. We participate in a lot of causes that are near and dear to the hearts of our people, clients, partners and families where typically small groups of us participate; it feels good to do these things together and support one another’s passions. Then, we choose something bigger where the whole company can participate and where we feel we can use our natural skill-creative, technology, promotions, etc. - to make a difference in helping to solve a measurable problem which solves other problems. Most recently, it was related to reading. If child can read, it illuminates a whole world of options to them. We believe that we can ripple our efforts from this corner of the country to solve bigger global problems and are building our company to witness those effects long from now.
Q: Recent company philanthropy? In an effort to foster a workplace that supports giving back to the community, we felt it was important that our employees have a say in the direction, so we created the Philanthropy Committee several years ago. This committee has been successful in contributing to the community within which we work by serving up lunch during monthly visits to the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center in downtown San Diego, participating in beach and creek clean ups with San Diego Surfrider Foundation, holding food drives to benefit the San Diego Food Bank, and laying wreaths at the annual Wreaths Across America Ceremony at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. This past year we hosted various fundraisers (including an office-wide bake sale & silent auction) in an effort to support the nonprofit organization First Book. We identified a local San Diego classroom to gift the money to and they were able to add more than 75 new books to their library. We are currently in the process of cataloguing all the books and will soon be going to the classroom to deliver the new books and to read to the students. Our Denver office, in the spirit of our philanthropic initiatives, is held an office space lease contest in hopes of giving back to the local community in a big way. We set out to provide one local startup rent free office space in our downtown Denver office for six months. The video contest was open for submissions on our Facebook page and we are very excited to welcome our winner, Air Ball Creative into our Denver home. The two video enthusiasts and clearly dedicated entrepreneurs wowed us with their stories and understanding of the value that our space will bring to them. The office space helps with legitimacy as a smaller company, but at the same time will allow for collaboration and open discussions of ideas and opportunities. Check out their winning video entry here
Q: What are the top two reasons you serve or have served on nonprofit boards and what are some of the boards you have served on? I currently serve on the board and executive committee of united way of San Diego County and of the Voice of San Diego. I wanted to focus my efforts on problems that help solve other problems, as well as find organizations where I felt I could contribute in a natural way. I worked to find organizations that were aligned with how I naturally approach problems. With United Way, I was most inspired by the “impact model” presented by United Way because it aligns completely with how we approach our work at red door. They do stat with community conversations to understand focus areas, then they convene the appropriate resources that can best solve the most important problems and then they measure and communicate results. I felt that I could fit into the system and now chair the marketing committee. Voice of San Diego is a wonderful and inspiring nonprofit investigative news organization that gives citizens the information they need to engage in important conversations in our community. That philosophy aligned will with my personal values (beyond being journalism major in college) because I believe that people make better decisions and are more engaged when they are armed with good information. I embrace that philosophy internally at Red Door interactive to help make us a Best places to Work and I felt that I could contribute naturally to further that mission beyond our “four walls” and help fulfill in a bigger way toward the promise of America’s Finest City. If you have any questions about our philanthropy committee or recent initiatives feel free to drop us a line at reddoorpr@reddoor.biz  

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