Gratitude is the Attitude: 5 Tools 5 RDI Experts Are Thankful For


Gratitude is the attitude year round at Red Door. This week especially, we get to reflect on what we are thankful for. Integrative analytic tools might not be at the top of your list along with friends, family and pie, but our experts have taken time to share the tools that make their job easier (and might make yours too!).

Social From #ThankfulThursdays to the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge – social media is bursting with gratitude this month. And I want to add to it – but this time, give thanks TO social media – or, more accurately, the tools that help me, as a Social Media Coordinator, do my job with a little easier. – Blake Del Hoyo, Social Media Coordinator
  1. Hootsuite: A content scheduler, link shortener and monitoring platform for multiple social accounts all in one? It’s no wonder why the social team here at RDI loves it!
  2. ShortStack: With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, this tool helps us create amazing looking social media contests and Facebook tabs while monitoring the metrics on a real-time basis.
  3. Piqora: We use Piqora to help track what trends are important to our client’s audience and can tailor not only our Pinterest strategy but our content strategy across channels. Piqora also allows for easy tracking and email acquisition when conducting Pinterest contests.
  4. Offerpop: This tool offers templates for Facebook application – our favorites being the “tug of war” and “quiz” applications. This functionality is only surpassed by their great customer service staff who will answer any question within hours (a huge plus!).
  5. Statigram: Engaging on and analyzing Instagram activity can sometimes seem a little tricky since many features of the photo sharing app aren’t currently available on desktop. However, Statigram easily allows for you to search for hashtags, monitor your account’s activity and easily search out your top performing photos – on a bigger screen!
Strategic Planning Trends are constantly changing and staying one step ahead of consumers requires daily monitoring of breaking news, pop culture, technology, competitive and category trends. Thankfully, Red Door has partnered with leading sources of consumer research allowing our Strategists to spot trends quickly and share the latest insights with clients.- Charles Wiedenhoft, Director of Strategic Planning.
  1. Iconoculture: Iconoculture covers the latest trends across a wide range of business categories and consumer life stages. We appreciate that trends are associated with consumers’ values helping us to understand their behaviors and motivations.
  2. eMarketer: eMarketer provides our Strategic Planning  team access to the latest insights and trends related to digital marketing, media and commerce. Setting up email alerts specific to our clients’ businesses ensures the ideas we share are informed by the most recent information available.
  3. Social mention: Imagine being able to search any topic, company or brand name and receive a comprehensive snapshot of what people are saying in social media. Social Mention is a real time search platform that indexes user-generated content from 100+ social media properties like Facebook, YouTube, Digg and more. It provides access to data including brand sentiment and the frequency a topic is mentioned in social media.
  4. Experian Simmons: We rely on Experian Simmons OneView when the situation requires targeting the narrowest consumer profile. This annual survey of 30,000 consumers is especially helpful for informing brand messaging and content strategy based on consumers’ lifestyle and self-concept statements.
  5. Think Insights | Google : The access Google has to consumer data is extraordinary.  Our searches say a lot about who we are, so when Google publishes a key statistic or research report it captures our attention. Best of all, anyone can access Google’s Think Insights for free.
Analytics As we give thanks for the many things in our lives, it seems appropriate to share the tools that the Red Door Digital Analytics team is thankful for; our jobs are immensely easier because of the tools, and for some of us the tools are where we realized our passions could be careers! -Andy Batten, Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization
  1. Excel & PowerPoint – Analysts have a love-hate relationship with the Microsoft suite, but they are the most universally-accepted products in business, and the breadth of capabilities for analysis and visualization are unmatched.
  2. Google Analytics [and the GA Data API] – With product development accelerating, Google Analytics has quickly established even the free product as an enterprise-level offering with a fast, dynamic user experience tailored to more than just reporting.
  3. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools – Now that the big “G” is no longer passing keywords through the referral path, “webmaster tool” products have become critical in understanding the detail around SEO progress and changes.
  4. Twitter [Analytics Community] – Not technically a ‘tool’ per-say, but the digital analytics community is extremely active and a fantastic resource to stay on top of trends, ask questions, and meet new experts in the field.
  5. Tag Management Tools –A top website trend of 2012, tag management tools have grown in prominence and acceptance across all levels of business, and the utility of these tools has grown in kind as many now tout the ability to speed up your entire website, beyond just consolidating and conditionally executing tracking tags. Enterprise-level free tools have also emerged (Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management [soon to be free to all]) and are beginning to gain traction.
SEO SEO requires some serious multitasking and thankfully, these tools are available to help my team  execute our goals efficiently- Matt Vild, Senior SEO Manager
  1. BrightEdge : Allows us to monitor and report on SEO activity more efficiently.
  2. A1 sitemaps: This tool is especially useful because it  allows  us to create and implement ‘normal’ and specialty XML sitemaps.
  3. Google Docs – This is an extremely helpful collaboaration tool for our team and helps us to share and input information quickly and stay organized.
  4. Moz toolbar – We use this tooldbar to view on-page and off-page SEO data like tags and backlinks. It makes our job easier by providing access to important SEO metrics while being able to surf the web.
  5. Screaming Frog – This small desktop program allows us to crawl through a site and review for a variety of things like duplicate titles, 302 and 404 errors.
Tech Our team is heavily involved in testing, updating and improving web services. These tools give my team the ability perform updates faster in order to keep things running smoothly- Ron Hadler, Director of Technology Services
  1. SQLYog – MySQL client that allows us to quickly access my databases to perform updates and queries.
  2. Password Generator – A great tool that helps us to quickly generate strong passwords for new website or services.
  3. whynopadlock.com – Allows us to figure out why the padlock is not showing in a browser when the URL is over HTTPS.
  4. sslshopper.com/ssl-certificate-tools.html – Helps track down SSL certificate issues, especially on mobile and pesky. intermediate certificate issues.
  5.  tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ - A web page loading tool to understand how fast a page is loading and gives suggestions for ways to improve the load time.
What are some of the tools that you are thankful for? We'd love to hear! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Red Door.  

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