Diary of a Social Media Intern: Month 2

Diaries of a Social Media Intern 2 photo (3)

By Marissa Padilla

The past two months of my social media internship at Red Door have flown by! They say time flies when you’re having fun, right? What I have learned most this month is that I will not stop learning. I am learning a new aspect of marketing and social media every day and the more I learn, the more I love it.

The project I learned the most from in October was Garden Fresh’s (client) Facebook campaign called “13 days of Menu Faves”. I remember attending a brainstorm meeting about this campaign on my first day at Red Door and hearing the team discuss different options and strategies to execute against the client’s goals. Little did I know then how much would go into organizing and launching a Facebook contest for a client. There was research and planning, creative and copy development, technical build out, advertising and promoting on other channels, developing content to support, and ongoing monitoring and reporting. During those 13 days, we put menu items up for vote to determine which ones would be brought back as part of the February menu. We had 55,539 total votes, 41,592 total contest entries, over 114,000 visitors to contest page and over 28,000 new fans added. These numbers speak for themselves.  It was an encouraging moment for me knowing that I work for a company that achieves such leading results. But, at Red Door we don’t only work hard but we also play hard. RDI partnered with Yoga Six to offer Red Doorians a free membership to attend the many different classes held by Yoga Six in October. Co-workers have been attending these classes together and finding out that they really enjoy daily yoga! My favorite experience so far is when my boss and I attended a Yoga Sculpt session together on a Sunday afternoon. I quickly learned that Yoga is not one of my strengths, but I had a blast doing the class with Anne. She instagrammed a picture, I tweeted about my experience and then we reminisced on the new yoga techniques we learned.  How many people can say that they spent time with their boss for a company wellness program on a Sunday while having fun? Overall, what I have seen most this month is that Red Door partners with their clients in a unique way that is proven to be successful. Red Door goes the extra mile and finds ways for the company to enjoy and thrive within their work environment while learning new things. I never know what to expect at Red Door but it always includes the best surprises!  

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