Denver Startup Air Ball Creative is our Contest Winner!

 welcome air ball

With extra space in the Red Door Interactive Denver office, and with a  core value of sharing, we decided to fill our empty desk chairs with likeminded people who needed  some space to grow their business. Luckily, Denver has no shortage of inspirational and motivated entrepreneurs who have gathered in the mile high city to start their businesses. The impressive amount of startup activity in Denver is a testament to the cities openness to new frontiers, especially in the areas of tech and digital technologies. We wanted to give these startups a chance to share their stories by submitting a video on our Facebook page and telling us why they deserve six months of rent-free office space.  Friends, fans and supporters were able to vote for their favorite videos and the finalists were guaranteed an interview with our Denver team. It was a tough decision but we couldn’t be happier about our new roomies. 

And the Winner is…
After our interview with Air Ball Creative, we knew these guys were a great fit for our space. Woody Roseland and Thaddeus Anderson are the creative brains behind our winning startup. The two video enthusiasts and clearly dedicated entrepreneurs, wowed us with their stories and understanding of the value that our space will bring to them. The office space helps with legitimacy as a smaller company, but at the same time will allow for collaboration and open discussions of ideas and opportunities. These two  LOVE collaboration. We are pleased to welcome Air Ball Creative to our Denver home and look forward to watching them grow. Check out their winning video entry http://vimeo.com/75621620 Things to know about Air Ball Creative
  • Core Values: always create value, win the day, set daily goals, be better than your circumstances
  • They are not confining themselves to just video production—they would like to eventually expand and offer other creative services such as web development, marketing, etc., which is why they named the company Air Ball Creative vs. Air Ball Productions.
  • Woody was born and raised in Denver, he has survived cancer 7 times and given an inspiring TedXmilehigh talk about his experience which can be seen here.
The Finalists: Our runners up could not be more different, yet all share the same goal of creating a positive impact for their community in Denver. Here’s a quick look at our other entrants:
Share Brands Inc. We received a Facebook message the day before the contest closed from Co-Founder of Share Brands Inc. , Brandon Serna. He and his business partner, Connor Knutson, were riding their bikes from Denver to LA after raising 10k for local charities and making a film along the way. “We would love to enter and hope we can beat the deadline since we are in the middle of the desert,” they said. With this sort of enthusiasm and teamwork, they were able to create an inspiring and candid video, with music from a street performer, telling us about their startup. Share Brands Inc. gives 25% of of their revenue to charities and non-profits. Take a look at their fantastic last minute entry for our contest and learn more about the company here. http://vimeo.com/76112466  
The Circus Betwixt and Between This startup is the first live performance troupe accompanied by a smartphone and tablet app. The founder, Andrew Gmerek, has set out to support the performers and artists that call the mile high city home by helping Denver become a thriving arts community. Visit Circus B&B's website here  and have a look at his contest entry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6q30wTDPxc Thank you to all of the entrepreneurs who submitted a video and all of the fans who voted. We are excited to kick off our holiday season by giving Air Ball Creative  a space to inspire, share, exceed, and evolve in a 100% jerk free environment (ring any bells?  Hint: these are our Core Values).

If you’d like information on how you can put on a contest similar to this please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at reddoorpr@reddoor.biz.  

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