9 Cool Ways Companies Are Using the Ipad



Image source: Flickr/mbiebusch

By: Tara Struyk, Techopedia
Companies of all sizes are jumping on the tablet bandwagon and putting the iPad to work.
If you own an iPad for personal use you’re probably more than aware of its ability to distract. It's why airport waiting areas and subway trains are increasingly filled with row upon row of bowed heads and the soft sounds of finger taps and swipes. But while there’s no question that the iPad is great entertainment - and has largely been marketed as such - it and other tablets are increasingly sneaking their way into the business world too. In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said that nearly every company in the Fortune 500 was testing iPads. Now, evidence is mounting that many companies - big and small - have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and put the iPad to work. Here are a few of the innovative ways companies are using it. As a Tool for Collaboration Reid Carr, CEO of Red Door Interactive, cites the iPad for making meetings more effective and building collaboration. "I can easily take down meeting notes, action items and disseminate those notes and actions immediately after the meetings by using the Meetings app for iPad, which is tied to my contacts list. Giant Timer allows presenters to keep their timing on track and minimize meeting overages. For meetings with participants in remote locations, we can quickly include them by connecting via Skype and placing them at the meeting table, Carr said. "The iPad is less of a physical barrier than a laptop and still maintains the personal connection we intend to have in collaborative meetings." View the entire list here.


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