Event Recap: Interactive Day San Diego 2013

By Elyse Cohen, Media Buyer and Macy Fackrell, Search Specialist

As quasi-newbies here at Red Door, we were excited about attending Interactive Day San Diego that was held only a few steps from our downtown office. This was the first digital marketing conference we have had the opportunity to take part in and was comprised of 38 speakers, who were experts in all areas of digital marketing, providing insight, tips and trends. Being a part of the Cross Channel Marketing Team requires a lot of blog reading and industry research in order to stay on top of the newest trends and algorithm updates. As visual learners, this was the ideal occasion for us to engage with media and search experts, to soak up as much information as humanly possible in a nine hour period.  Speakers covered an array of topics from search marketing and optimizations to mobile and social media – including valuable analytical data to support digital growth trends.

The event, held on June 21, 2013 at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front, was a huge success. Some of our favorite takeaways are outlined below for your reading pleasure!

  • Utilize subtle psychological and visual cues to drive your audience to a call to action. This was especially interesting in that this strategy promotes a suggestive approach, rather than demanding that your target audience complete a transaction or conversion. Learn more from Rand Fishkin’s presentation “The Nudge is Mightier Than the Sword,
  • People are adopting new technology faster and less reluctantly than ever before! The amount of YouTube content uploaded per day has increased by over 300% over the last couple of years, with 72 hours of content uploaded per second.
  • Social Calls-To-Actions work! Dan Zarrella provided a variety of data points focused around the content a user is tweeting and how to promote fan growth based on that content. He also provided insight on what “going viral” really means.
  • Mobile paves new customer conversion paths. Mobile is predicted to be the focal point of everything we are doing for marketing. NFC technology (Near Field Communication) allows your phones to communicate with objects when they are near each other – the future is coming.
  • When it comes to digital marketing, anything is possible. After sitting through countless sessions, learning where digital is going, and remembering where it came from, it reminded us that there is so much more to come for the future of any and all things digital. Up next is Google Glasses, which one marketer described as, “So awesome, so creepy, but so awesome.”
  As expected, Interactive Day was a success and we walked away with much more than we walked in with. There’s no doubt you’ll find us there again next year!  

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