Millennial Media's S.M.A.R.T. Report on Restaurants and the Mobile Advantage


By: Renee Brown, Senior Media Planner at Red Door Interactive Source: Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. Report Mobile devices have provided new opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers and capture influential data.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the restaurant vertical is 10th on the Top 10 Global Mobile Advertising Verticals chart. Restaurant Vertical Post Click Actions were comprised mostly of:
  • The use of a Store Locator and the ability to view a map was the largest post-click campaign action featured.
  • 70% of restaurant campaigns included a site search option allowing consumers to search the restaurant’s site.
  • 34% of restaurant campaigns utilized Retail Promotion through mobile coupons.
    • Over the last year, mobile coupon users grew over 16%, increasing the potential for this campaign feature.
Top Audiences Engaging with Restaurant Ads:
  • The DIYers audience was most likely to engage in restaurant mobile ads, followed by Travelers (both personal and business), and Music Fans.
  • Bargain Hunters who seek mobile incentives and coupons also had high engagement.
Expected Mobile Growth:
  • In the US, mobile payments are expected to grow over $62 billion by 2016.
  • This growth provides the restaurant vertical with a unique opportunity to engage their audience and collect key consumer information.
    • Geo-targeting abilities
    • Point-of-sale data
    • Engagement through mobile coupons that can be saved in a mobile wallet
Mobile Device Trends:
  • The prominent mobile devices are smartphones, used by 70% of consumers.  Non-Phone Connected Devices pace behind this at 25% of consumers.  Within the Non-Phone Connected Devices, the Apple iPad is ranked first on the Top 5 Tablets Chart.  The Google Nexus Tablet grew 126% from the previous quarter, placing it 4th on this chart and showing a great potential for continued growth.
According to Millennial Media’s report, it seems wise for restaurants to continue investing in mobile advertising and use the evolving mobile to consumer platform to gather important and unique data to move their restaurants forward. Click here for the full report on Millennial Media

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