Event Recap: Comicon 2013


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By Jose Higuera, Research and Strategic Planning Intern

Fans of the popular arts, rejoice! This past weekend, sunny San Diego hosted the famous Comic-Con International, a weekend dedicated to the movie-goer, the television fanatic, the comic book aficionado, and pretty much anybody ready to get weird. Unfortunately, the 100,000+ tickets for this once a year event sold out in about five minutes… but fortunately, I got one! I don’t know whether I loved the ridiculous Cosplayers the most, being dwarfed standing next to Lou Ferrigno, or the AMAZING movie announcements over the weekend, but one thing is for sure: Comic-Con is a must-do for anyone in the creative world. Let’s start with the famous Cosplayers. We’re not talking your good ‘ol Party City Halloween costumes here, we’re talking custom-made, movie quality, Oh-My-God costumes. Best of all, everyone was in character sporting either intimidating looks or over the top goofy antics. Most popular costume? Zombies. Zombies that acted like un-dead zombies literally all day. Speaking of which, The Walking Dead set up a special themed booth just for photo-ops with famous walkers. The catch? Waiting 45 minutes to do so. Among other crazy booths was a jungle-themed Predator 3D, DC Comics showcasing ALL of the cinematic Superman Costumes, and a great LEGO display of life-sized LEGO builds of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Iron Man. But now, my top 5 highlights:
  • Meeting DC Comics head-honcho, San Diego native, and all around nice guy Jim Lee
  • Darth Batman: A Darth Vader/Batman costume hybrid that was simply beautiful
  • The Godzilla encounter, a simulator of a NYC apartment offering the very first teaser glimpse at the new monster
  • Marvel’s panel for Phase 2 in their post-Avengers cinematic universe. Plus the Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron!
  • And now, the best thing in the history of time…Zack Snyder announces the sequel to Man of Steel. “Batman v. Superman”… I know, control yourselves.
There really is nothing quite like Comic-Con International, and with Avatar 2, Avengers 2, Batman v Superman, and Star Wars Episode 7 on the horizon.. Comic-Con 2014 might just be even better.

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