Case Study: Red Door Uses Analytics to Boost Univision's Conversion Rates

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Background:  Univision Tarjeta partnered with Red Door to improve conversion rates to their main product, a prepaid debit card.  We saw an opportunity to improve conversion rate at the bottom of the Univisiontarjeta.com funnel.  Through analytics we identified a few reasons why users were having trouble completing the registration form.  One of the main reasons is due to the complexity of the information that needs to be gathered.
Solution: We leveraged the Optimizely technology which allowed us to quickly launch A/B and MVT tests to improve the conversion funnel.  One of the tests that resulted in huge improvements in conversion rates was the inline validation test.  We knew that some users were incorrectly filling out some form fields so we added some functionality to the registration form that showed users that they had properly completed each field of the form.
Original Form

original pic-univision tarjeta

Winning Variation

new version of univision tarjeta

Results: The test had a huge impact on the enrollment conversion rate.  The winning variation improved the overall conversion rate by 10% with 95% confidence.  This resulted in an additional 1,300 enrollments per month!   

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