Top 10 Agencies with the Best Company Culture

 Tarah Benner, The Agency Post

Gone are the days of Don Draper — when creatives were confined to an office with a liquor cabinet. Nowadays, the advertising industry is known for wacky office decor and lax dress codes. The Top 10 Agencies with the Best Company Culture are off the map in their commitment to maximizing employee happiness and designing environments that nurture creativity and innovation. Common threads include a dog-friendly workplace, frequent parties, bizarre competitions and lots and lots of surfing. The following agencies are not ranked — out of the dozens of applications we received, each agency featured on in our Top 10 has a truly unique approach in their quest to create the very best workplace for employees. Prepare yourself for a little office-envy.

Red Door Interactive:

“Our most popular core value is ‘100 percent jerk-free,’ which dictates a culture of open-minded acceptance and respect 100 percent of the time.”
Red Door prides itself on open communication, which is why the CEO’s office has glass walls and no door. They also encourage employee recognition with “Mad Props” colleague nominations and by sharing quarterly net profits as employee cash bonuses. Red Door Interactive has an open loft layout with a view of downtown San Diego through floor-to-ceiling windows. Employees who prefer the beach can work out of the Carlsbad, California office, near the mountains in Denver or anywhere else they like thanks to Red Door’s flexible part-time or full-time telecommuting option. But with on-site seminars chosen by employees, a commitment to yearlong philanthropy and half days off for summer games, it’s a mystery why anyone would ever leave. Click here to see all the winners!

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