Getting to know the RDI Team through Graph Search

 As you’ve probably heard, unless you’re living under a rock with no wi-fi, Facebook recently launched its Graph Search. Our own Social Media Strategist, Anne Buehner, even wrote up a piece a few days ago outlining the “Next Steps” for brands (you can read the post here). So now that the business-side has been taken care of and we all have a plan to either update our privacy settings or enhance the visibility of our brands, the fun can begin. We took some inspiration from this Mashable article and do our own “Red Door Graph Search” to see what we could discover using this new tool.
Here's what we've learned:
 1) Red Door Interactive employees like Craft & Commerce
pic 1  
 2) What Red Door Interactive employees like to do (we have an active group!)
pic 2  
 3) If people like us…what else they like
   Pic 3  
 4) We “Like” our clients (and ourselves)!
   pic 4  
 5) What RDI employees have blasting in their headphones
   Pic 5

What else would you like to know about our team? Leave a comment and maybe we'll post part two!

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