Why Native Advertising Should be in Your Media Mix

By Renee Brown, Media Manager

Native ads are content based ads that are integrated within the editorial feed on a webpage.  These ads are gaining in popularity due to the brand lift seen when compared to traditional display ads.  Native ads are a great way to increase engagement of your website or social pages.  Media professionals are still determining what truly defines a “native” ad however initial performance suggest these ads are highly engaging and consumed more when compared to display ads. What are some types of native ads? There are many different forms of native ads as outlined below:
  • Tourist ads or “super” banners are large, multi-faceted ads containing valuable content to the reader
    • Typically these ads are seen on the right hand side within a webpage and contain social media features, polling, feeds, video, etc.
  • Resident ads look like part of the sites core content whereas users might not realize it’s an advertisement
    • These ads are typically seen towards the bottom of a webpage look like content links/ sponsored links
  • Social media ads are the sponsored ads seen within social media feeds such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
    • These ads are typically any type of sponsored content like: promoted posts, images, videos
  • Branded sponsored ads can be fully integrated into a webpage
    • These ads are typically seen within specific articles on a site. They are often fully integrated with the article and include brand imagery and messaging
What are the benefits of native ads? Native ads have many benefits and are typically low in cost:
  • Integrate high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform
  • As a form of content, native ads do not interrupt flow and is equal with user interaction
  • Promote one piece of content, video, imagery or anything your consumers will find value in
    • Does not require creating multiple display ads in multiple sizes
  • As click-through rate continues to decline for display ads, engagement rates of native ads are rising
    • Consumers typically viewed native ads 52% more frequently than display ads
  • Low cost entry and low price
    • Typically native ads have no minimum budget requirements
    • Pricing for native ads are extremely low and typically purchased on a CPM (impression), CPC (click), CPV (video view), CPE (engagement)
  • Native ads show higher brand lift and purchase intent
    •  Typically native ads registered 9% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% higher lift for purchase intent than traditional display ads
What’s are the challenges? Since native ads are still not clearly defined there are some challenges with these types of ads:
  • No set standards or performance benchmarks for most of these types of ads
    • Each native ad type may be measured differently, for example: video views, shares, comments, likes, etc.
  • Native ads need to maintain user trust
    • Maintain trust with your user by creating content that adds value instead of disguising  or repurposing ads
Next steps… If you have great content, imagery, or videos that you want to promote through either your social media pages or elsewhere native ads are the optimal opportunity.


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