Snaps to Instagram: New Direct Photo & Video Messaging

This morning, Instagram announced and launched a new direct photo messaging functionality within its app called Instagram Direct. An obvious response to SnapChat’s growing popularity – and perhaps a “take that, we don’t need you anyways” comeback after Facebook’s acquisition offer was turned down – Instagram Direct marks a new phase for the company and new opportunities for brands. GAP quickly implemented this new feature with a contest, giving away tablet cases to the first 15 people to respond to a post.


  Instagram Direct opens more doors than a simple prize giveaway. Here are some of our ideas about how to use the messages:
  • Provide an exclusive first look at a new product or design to 15 (the max you can message at once) winners
  • Ask a question to receive a an exclusive video response from a chef, stylist, designer, expert, etc.
  • Secret coupon image to your biggest brand advocates
  • An extra clue in a scavenger hunt
I’m excited about the possibilities both professionally and personally. I love that photos can be private, but still create a conversation around the photo – unlike SnapChat. Ultimately, this feature is more “social” in nature than its competitor. We will be watching as Instagram evolves. So far, it seems to follow trends of other popular apps (i.e. video was introduced as Vine gained users). Any bets on the next big addition? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! P.S. Give Red Door (@reddoorinteractive) a follow on Instagram! We’ll send a special message to anyone who follows us within the next 24 hours of this blog post being published.

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